Hi, my name is Aubrey, and I'm a proud fan of the Buffalo Sabres.

I also support the Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Rangers. I have a soft spot for the Anaheim Ducks.

I adore my Syracuse Crunch, but I'm a secret Rochester Americans fan.

That derpy man next to me is Dennis Persson of the Rochester Americans. he's pretty awesome.

My spirit animal has been deemed to be Marty Biron thanks to Lauren and Erica!


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    HAHAHAHA!! I freaking love this.
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    this is awersome!!!
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    clearly you don’t understand that this was intended to be a joke and not to be taken seriously AT ALL. but 1) Sabres...
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    1) Sabres suck. (I’m a Flyers fannnn) 2) The Flyers have Bryz now, not Coyotes. 3) I agree with the NJ Devils statement...
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    They are sharks! Suck their dicks!
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    Sharks and Kings XD Maybe it’s because I am a Midwesterner but I thought Detroit was America’s armpit…then again, people...
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    The Wild do have a pretty awesome logo I will admit
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    My reaction to any mentioning of Florida teams is exactly that—WAIT, THEY HAVE 2 TEAMS?!!
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    this is just as bad as the others . cant everyone just stop ? there was the original , that was hilarious , and then...
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    Bastards? Okaaaay…?
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    Aubrey, you are a genius
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    It’s true. Our goalie is a kitten.
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    this is much much better!
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    calgary :(